When you usually watch tons of TV shows, perhaps you’re thinking that demolition jobs are all about hitting a wrecking ball onto a random house or building. But, this job is actually way beyond what is usually seen on television shows. For you to know more, we have listed the major ideas and facts about the demolition and wrecking industry:

Woodwork is one of the simplest things to knock down in your house

When your wooden walls or floors are required to be changed, you don’t need big power tools to do so. As a matter of fact, you can make this as a DIY project given that you have the proper protective equipment with you. For you to get rid of wooden floors, you should get a putty knife, a hammer, and pry bars. It depends on you if you want to work on it gently so that you can use the wooden material for another project that you have or to just do it right away and destroy them completely.

To begin with, use a putty knife and pry open the woodwork. While the gap widens, utilize the pry bar to separate it from the floor or wall even further. Guarantee to get a second pry so that the wood won’t snap back as you work on other areas.

Demolitions don’t necessarily equate to an explosion

Though utilizing explosives is another part of the job, this isn’t the only means of bringing down a structure. Another method, known as the balling method, can effectively destroy bigger buildings that are already severely damaged.

The demolition experts will also be utilizing a pusher arm, which is an excavation machine that’s operated by water. Pusher arms are beneficial and idea to use if you are working on the small buildings and vertical surfaces. Some methods include sawing, thermal lancing, excavating, and wire rope pulling.

Deconstruction vs. demolition

Usually, those terms can be interchangeably used. However, they are actually different in most cases. Demolition refers to the old-fashioned way of tearing down a building with special equipment. With this, everything gets to be destroyed. After this, all of the materials will be immediately sent directly to the landfill.

On the other hand, deconstruction is a newer way of destroying structures, which involves taking apart a structure carefully and piece by piece. This way, the material that is not really that damaged will be recycled. Those materials that cannot be recycled will be segregated and will then be transported to the dump.

What’s advantageous about demolition is that it doesn’t need plenty of manual labor and it is also budget-friendly. Meanwhile, deconstruction is costly but its process is very eco-friendly and you can utilize the saved materials for other home repair projects you have.

Have your structures demolished by the experts today

If you want to have your concrete driveway Vancouver demolished or any concrete structure you have, make sure to leave this task to the demolition and concrete professionals for an efficient and fast demolition process.